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Traveling with a drone from San Diego to CBX Tijuana

Traveling to Mexico with a drone was fairly easy. I was able to pack my Mavic 2 zoom drone in the carry sling and tuck it inside my backpack. After a quick uber to the CBX crossing in Tijuana, there was minimal checking of the bags and the drone wasn't flagged. There was no indication about any drone laws or requirements.

Upon arriving to Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta, the screens at the lobby had drone shots for their marketing reel. Beautiful place for drone photos. I was there for a well-needed time away from my full-time drone career, so I didn't even use an entire battery on 2-3 drone flights. I have drone footage of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the beautiful Garza Blanca 4 Diamond AAA resort, but not sure when that will see the light of day. I will update the drone photos or video here.

I politely asked if drones are allowed in this resort, and they actually encouraged it due to the beautiful scenery. They just recommended not flying over people for their clients safety.

On the return trip, the drone or batteries never got held up in customs or security. A cruise ship is totally different, don't bring your drone to any rodent-infested Disney Cruise.

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